Rumor: Hack-proof PS3 model being developed

A new rumor from those good ol’ ANONYMOUS SOURCES states that Sony is hard at work on a brand new PS3 model, resistant to hacks. It will allegedly boast a 300GB hard drive and cost £186.99 in the UK, where the rumor originates from.

A stock-wide price cut is also said to be on the horizon, with Sony hoping to clear out old models and make way for the new one. 

I’d think it’s almost certain that Sony will be looking to put brand new security measures into future PS3 systems. Whether those measures will appear in a freshly announced model, or whether Sony will just start quietly slipping them into all future systems, is question with a less clear answer. 

If I were Sony, I’d go with the softly-softly approach. Hackers love nothing more than a brash challenge.

Sony Preparing Hack-Proof PS3 SKU [Everything HQ]

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