Rumor: Guitar Hero drum kit getting a fancy makeover

This article is over 15 years old and may contain outdated information

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According to Engadgets sources, Activision may be giving its drum peripheral a makeover when Guitar Hero 5 ships this fall. 

The blurry render sent to the tech Web site shows equipment far less bulky than the original set, and also features a pair of rounded cymbals. What’s less obvious is that the drums kick pedal also reportedly may attach to a middle bar that sits on the floor, similar to Harmonix’s Rock Band drum kit. (Many, included myself, found themselves frustrated with the Guitar Hero kick pedal which would tend to sneak away from your foot during play sessions.)

The drums also feature three mini-ports on the back — two for kick pedals, one for… well, who knows what. Maybe a gong attachment. 

Activision hasn’t official revealed this yet, but with the game shipping in September, we can’t imagine they’ll be able to keep this baby secret for much longer. That is if it’s real, of course. 

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