Rumor: Future PS3 titles to have serial codes

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Wouldn’t that suck? I hate typing in serial codes for my computer software, though I get why they exist. Rampant piracy. The PS3 wasn’t in danger of a similar piracy problem until recently, with the PS3’s root code being published online. Now a Dutch website says that a source claims that future PS3 releases will require a serial code to be used. 

If this is true, you’ll have to input a code for your purchased game to unlock and play. The source says that the code will work up to five times, which could also impact how the trade-in games business handles these titles. 

I hope this isn’t true. I also hope Sony doesn’t go to any trouble. The very same hackers that cracked the root code would also crack these serial codes. 

Sony’s Answer To PS3 Piracy: Serial Codes? [Next Gen]

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