Rumor: Final Fantasy XIV may get beta in September

Square Enix surprised us with the announcement of Final Fantasy XIV at E3 this year. The MMORPG came out of nowhere, so I’m also surprised that we might have a chance to try it out in a matter of months. Well, if the rumors are right, that is.

A recently added job posting over at Square Enix asks for game testers and game masters, with Final Fantasy XI experience being a requirement. The game masters would have to be able to start by September, which Joystiq thinks may be a possible start date for a beta test. Things look more positive when you realize that the game has been in development for five years, and that Square Enix has said that they want the game to have a beta period longer than FFXI‘s four months. 

This isn’t the most solid rumor, but it does point to something going on in the MMO space at Square Enix. I hope it’s true and that they put me on the “list.”

Dale North