Rumor: Duke Nukem sidescroller to hit XBLA

Duke Nukem will never die. His spirit dwells in our hearts and is a part of all the world’s creation. He’s like an atom, except cooler — you know, the kind of atom that rips off other atoms’ heads and spits down their neck holes. On the flip side he’s now, essentially, a defunct videogame character. Well … perhaps not.

There’s a small chance the Duke could be resurrected via Xbox LIVE Arcade. Gamer Bytes has discovered a notable Nukem-related mention in the Linked In profile of a previous Interplay programmer and now software engineer at Microsoft, Rebecca Heineman. According to her profile, at one point, she’s worked on an XBLA version of Duke Nukem: Manhattan Project, a side-scroller originally released in 2002.

And, well, that’s it.

We’re not pumping our fists in celebration quite yet. It’s an interesting listing for sure, but there’s nothing else to go on here in terms of details. Plus, Duke Nukem projects have a terrible tendency to not rear their heads in consumable capacities. So, instead of being hopeful, we’re waiting to hear that its been canned.

Brad BradNicholson