Rumor: Dual Shock 3 to be announced at TGS ’07?

When Electronic Gaming Monthly‘s Shane Bettenhausen talks, people listen. Well, at least the people who listen to Ziff Davis’ weekly podcast 1UP podcast, 1UP Yours … because they have no choice. I’m one of those people, and I heard it too: Shane said that the unveiling of the Dual Shock 3 at this year’s Tokyo Game Show was more or less in the bag. I wasn’t going to say anything, because Shane was likely drunk, but this rumor is currently making the rounds on the Internet, and I wouldn’t want you guys to miss out on juicy information like this.

I know, I know — this is shocking news, right? This oft rumored second (or third, if you count the “boomerang”) iteration of the Dual Shock is said to contain rumble. Much like anything less than 1080p, rumble was once considered “last-gen,” but consumers and some developers seem to be going through withdrawal. 

We’re just a few days away before we know if the sneaky, Sony-loving Bettenhausen can be trusted. Tokyo Game Show officially kicks off this Thursday, but we’ll be attending a fancy Sony sponsored cocktail event on Wednesday evening at the luxurious Sony United Showroom — we’ll do our best to liquor up Kaz Hirai, and try to break the information early. 

Nick Chester