Rumor: Digital rental of PSP games coming?

The PSpgo has been getting some flack from us, though when it finally landed I think we gave it a pretty fair shake. One of the great things about it is that the downloadable game service over PSN was pretty robustly supported at launch (as may possibly be discussed later today in a feature – come back to find out). However, with no UMD how the hell is anyone supposed to rent games anymore? Sony may have us covered.

While digging around on their new PSPgo, Retail Gamer discovered something interesting. On the PS3 one can sort one’s games into folders, but you can’t do that on the PSPgo. Finding this fact a little odd they pressed square to re-sort the folders like one does on the PS3. The PSPgo did sort the games, but the way it did it was by expiration date. What expiration date? When you download a game onto the PSPgo you own it, it doesn’t expire. This can lead to only one conclusion. Much like the movie rental service on PSN a game rental service will be coming for PSP games. We wouldn’t be surprised, actually.

I seriously doubt anyone finds this news truly shocking, but as the information is already built into the system at launch we probably won’t be waiting too long before we can basically start demoing entire games instead of just little snippets. And who is to say this would only work on the PSP? Any system with a download service (all of them) could conceivably pull off a rental service. 

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