Rumor: Crystal Chronicles: My Life as a King release date/price

After seeing screen after gorgeous screenshot of the fabled Wiiware title Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: My Life as a King, we may finally have a day to mark on our calendars. I say may because the source of this news mentions they were informed by “a Square representative” of the release date and price, but the Square website still says “coming soon” in regards to the game’s release date.

If it is true, the game will coincide with the launch of Wiiware itself on May 12th and retail for 1,500 Wii points. As much as I am excited about the game, I’m actually more excited about seeing Wiiware finally debut and what may come along with it. I’ve seen multiple game concepts for it that all left me more excited than I have felt about Wii in a while, and I would love to see what this service can possibly do.

[Via The Wiire – Thanks, Jonathan]

Colette Bennett