Rumor: Bungie to start selling premium ammo packs in Destiny

Totally believable, but debunked

[Update: Bungie has responded to Destructoid that it will not be adding paid ammo drops into the game. But again, it has stated it wouldn’t add non-cosmetic premium elements before, and then added paid level and class boosts in during the dead of night in December.]

Let me sum up the past few months of Destiny.

The Taken King expansion dropped in mid-September, 2015, and it was pretty good! Most players both new and old agreed that it had solved a lot of the problems present in the original game, and it had a fun raid to boot. But over time, it became clear that Bungie was not going to follow the typical meaty add-on model it had been using so far — instead, it’s peppering the game with micro-events.

Now, in practice, limited engagement events aren’t bad. In fact, a lot of MMOs do them! But the key here is that said events (outside of the SRL races) are basically reskins of existing content, or are fleeting in nature, leaving players with a husk of a game after completion. That, and they’re flooded with microtransactions, which were introduced as a result of the event-based model.

Inherently, this is a bad thing for everyone involved. I get that microtransactions need to fuel development, but they’ve been abysmal so far, and the limited nature of them is curious. Now, according to VG247, Bungie is considering adding in ammo packs, to be sold for Silver (the real money currency).

This rumor is completely believable, as Bungie recently added in level boosts to the game after saying that all of the microtransctions would remain cosmetic. Someone had a change of heart then, as the precedent has already been set. We’ll see soon enough if ammo packs actually make it in. We’ve reached out to Bungie for comment.

Source: Bungie to sell Destiny ammo packs for real money [VG247]

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