RUMOR: Blockbuster to rent DS titles; Grumpy Old Men still available

Play Nintendo has insider info on some upcoming movements by Blockbuster Video. In a bid to not become totally irrelevant in a world dominated by the Netflix’s, the Gamefly’s and the widespread-P2P-piracy’s of the world, Blockbuster is going to start renting out titles for the Nintendo DS. They’ve been testing the ploy in select markets, and amazingly people want to rent games for portable consoles as much as they want to rent them for more traditional machines!

Why Blockbuster didn’t start this practice two decades ago is anyone’s guess, but if I had some sort of blog where it was my duty to make wild, unfounded guesses on these sorts of things, I would have to say that Blockbuster is terrified of going under, and since they are no longer the only game in town, they now have to match everything these online rental places can offer. Of course, the brick and mortar golem that is a company like Blockbuster can never hope to defeat the lithe, HTML phantom of Netflix, but it should be entertaining watching the once-proud company smash itself to bits trying to keep up.

[Thanks Smitty3000 for making me write a post totally devoid of humor. Jerk.] 

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