Rumor: Alpha Protocol getting a major delay

Spy thriller RPG Alpha Protocol was supposed to be shipping to stores in the last week of October. We were all going to get our hands on the exciting action of the spy world and see if their whole “branching conversation” thing was as revolutionary as they touted it to be. However, plans might have changed. Like the spy world the game takes place in, nothing is for certain, but two separate retailers are now listing the game as coming out in June of next year. That’s a pretty hefty delay for a game that was so close to launch.

GameStop now has the game listed for a June 1 release date and has it penned in for June 30. The month long gap can be explained by the two companies most likely hearing of a June release and GameStop being a bit more generous with what that meant, but it doesn’t explain why they’ve changed it as no official word on a game delay has come down from SEGA. This isn’t the first delay for the game either, so if it is true it raises some serious questions about what they have to keep fixing or if those rumored complaints about it were true. Hopefully this long delay is either not true or simply made to dodge the holiday rush. Devs do seem to be realizing that spreading their games out throughout the year is a good idea.

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