Rumor: A peripheral-based cycling game coming to Wii?

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GoNintendo has acquired images of marketing slides which supposedly outline a couple of future Wii titles. One of these is a exercise game which simulates cycling using a special peripheral. In addition to the description of gameplay above, the rest of the page boasts that the game will feature over sixty game modes. The pedal features three levels of resistance to accomodate different exercise levels. There’s no information on whether the game is being published by Nintendo or a third-party.

The second slide which has surfaced has information on the successor to Wii Fit. The new exercise game will be sold for $29.99 in a disc-only edition or $99.99 for a bundle with the balance board. Apart from that, the remaining information only serves to reinforce the game’s Wii Fit + title, as it sounds like the same game with a new coat of paint.

It may not be true, but the presentation looks professional enough that I’d be willing to believe it. And I think I’d probably try the cycling it if I had some more concrete data on its effectiveness. I rather like cycling as an exercise but I’m never comfortable exercising in public. This could be a worthwhile investment.


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