Rule the schoolyard with this LEGO Rock Band keychain

As if I don’t already have enough crap hanging off my keychain, it looks like GameStop is offering a LEGO-rocker keychain up for pre-orders of LEGO Rock Band.

I noticed the display while shopping my local GameStop to buy (of all things) MS Points to buy more Rock Band songs. Unfortunately, the shops don’t have the keychains to give to customers just yet — throw down your five dollars, and get the keychain when you pick up the game. We think that’s November… at least that’s what says. 

You can’t tell from the picture, but the portion of the keychain that features the game’s logo breaks apart, LEGO-style. Presumably, that’s so you can put it back together… i nthe shape of a keychain. 

[Thanks for the image, J!]

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