Ruin a child’s holiday with a Wiimote knock-off

Looking to bring that special someone in your life to tears with a present this holiday? Imagine their face when they tear open their gift to find what looks like a Wii remote, but is actually a useless stand-alone knock-off! writer Aaron Stanton found this nasty knock-off at his local Wal-Mart, and like us, is disturbed by the product’s uselessness. Made by the Los Angeles-based ToyQuest, this terrifying monster isn’t a replica, and it’s not even for use with your Wii — it’s simply a stand-alone gaming device, complete with its own mini-LCD screen. 

As Stanton points out, the screen is so tiny and of such low-quality, that it’s nearly impossible to see. The “Wii-annabe” (ouch, sorry about that one) offers the choice between motion controls or D-pad usage; but between that the screen is so tiny and that you’d be moving it while playing, Stanton says the motion controls are pointless.

Well, I sure am glad he spent the money on it before we had to. Still, at under $20, this kind of garbage makes for the perfect “White elephant” gift this holiday season.

Nick Chester