Ruckus brought to Def Jam Rapstar with Wu-Tang DLC

There was definitely not enough Wu-Tang Clan in Def Jam Rapstar, but that changes soon.

A full pack of Wu-Tang Clan tracks has been announced for the title, and includes “Protect Ya Neck,” Raekwon’s “Ice Cream,” Ghostface’s “Cherchez LaGhost” and Method Man and Redman’s “How High.” You can get the entire pack for 560 MS Points, or pick up each track on the lonesome for 160 MS Points.

Also added to the title will be two new Freestyle beats, DJ Premiere’s “Dots” and 9th Wonders’ “IWW”; each of those will cost you 160 MS Points/$1.99 a piece.

These tracks should be available now for the Xbox 360; they’re said to hit the PlayStation 3’s PlayStation Network “soon.”

Nick Chester