Rubik’s World coming to Wii and Nintendo DS

Today, Newsweek’s videogame blog Level Up drops the exclusive first information on Rubik’s World, an upcoming Wii and Nintendo DS title based on Ernő Rubik’s classic puzzles.

Set to hit Nintendo’s consoles this fall, Rubik’s World is being billed as an “otherworldly game” that will show players what the inside of a Rubik’s Cube looks like. Set up as a collection of puzzle games, the game will tests players by having them construct 3D objects, navigating through mazes and most interestingly, creating their own soundtracks. Both versions will have surprising online social features, like a message board of some sort of the Wii. 

Level Up has an interview with the game’s developer, Two Tribes, who reveals some more details on how the games will play. No mention of whether or not you’ll be able to peel virtual stickers off of virtual cubes, but if history has proven anything, that’ll be the only way I’ll be able to solve those damned puzzles.

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