Rub your eyes, firm says PS3 will win

Analysts, market research firms, we only like them when they say what we want them to say. So how seriously should we take them? Well, you or I may not take them seriously, but money-hungry shareholders sure do pay attention and that’s why when someone actually has something positive to say about the (publicly) failed PlayStation 3, my little ears perk up. Here’s the latest:

A Dublin-based market research firm says that the PlayStation 3 will eventually lead the new console race. The launch of the PS3 hasn’t been exactly an easy-going affair, but Research and Markets says that Sony’s videogame brand can still hold its own.

In an abstract of the study, “The Transforming Global Video Games Market: The Emergence of Next Generation Gaming,” the research firm says that the PS3 will enjoy an install base of 75 million consoles worldwide by 2010, outdoing the Xbox 360 and Wii.

See that? They said 75 million consoles sold by 2010. Insane right? Well, I wouldn’t put it out of the realm of possibility. This thing is built for the long-term, remember? 

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