RTFM moment: Sony PSP battery explosion

Fun Tech Talk is running a story that isn’t as much news as it is a public service announcement. 

A Florida man’s PlayStation Portable was charging on his nightstand for about an hour until it suddenly exploded, sending the portable game system flying.

Bob Nixon was watching television and smelled something burning. While he was walking around his home to find the source of the smell, he heard a popping noise which turned out to be his PSP exploding. Battery pieces scattered and the nightstand suffered a burn mark.

“I think the battery exploded because I got the wrong charger. It plugged in O.K. but I should have checked with the Radio Shack guy to make sure it would work”, Said Nixon.

There’s a lesson here for everyone as well as a tip for Mr Nixon. The lesson is one of the RTFM variety, and it tells us to avoid using third-party, non-licensed accessories for our game systems. If you’re using the proper equipment, PSPs won’t just blow up (unlike some Sony laptop batteries).

And, nothing against Radio Shack or its employees, but Mr. Nixon needs to know that he might have been sold the charger anyway. Radio Shack isn’t exactly a gaming headquarters or anything.

[Via Fun Tech Talk

Dale North