RPG Maker MV has been cancelled on Xbox One

Bad news for Microsoft’s homebrew adventurers

Japanese developer Kadakowa Games has regrettably announced that RPG Maker MV has been cancelled on Xbox One. The humble PC release, which allows players to create their own fantasy adventures, is currently in the process of making the transition to console platforms.

Citing “Various circumstances” Kadakowa explained that it has pulled the plug on the planned Xbox One port, although the PS4 and Nintendo Switch editions of the game-making software are expected to go ahead as planned. RPG Maker MV uses simple interfaces, along with a huge database of assets, to allow RPG fans non-versed in coding to have fun building their own Poundland Final Fantasy-style title.

RPG Maker MV is available on PC and is in development for PS4 and Nintendo Switch.

RPG Maker MV cancelled on Xbox One [Gematsu / Kadokawa]

Chris Moyse
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