RPG Maker is going mobile

Make games on the go

Last year, publisher Degica Games released RPG Maker MV, which brought the series to Mac for the very first time. At $80, it cost a pretty penny for people like me who weren’t sure if they’d ever invest that much time or effort into completing a game. Thankfully, a cheaper option is upon us.

RPG Creator for iOS launches on September 25 and judging by the riveting trailer below, it looks to be pretty basic. Originally released in Japan in 2014, the app will allow you to create towns, events, characters and everything else needed for a complete role-playing game on your iPhone or iPad. When you’ve finished your game, you can upload it to the “Creator’s Web” portal where others can try it out.

I never got around to buying RPG Maker MV, but I wouldn’t mind giving this a shot during my breaks from the GameSalad project I’m slowly tinkering away at. You can try out a demo of the software when it’s released. The full app will cost $9.99.

CJ Andriessen
Just what the internet needs: yet another white guy writing about video games.