RPG fans rejoice! New screenies for upcoming Square Enix DS titles

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Thanks to NeoGaf, all you RPG fanboys and girls waiting impatiently for more DS RPGs (ahem, like ME) will be very happy today. Attached you will find scans from upcoming Square Enix titles Dragon Quest 9, Final Fantasy IV and Tales of Innocence. Dragon Quest 9 is being developed by Level 5 again and is slated for a release in Japan sometime this year. Final Fantasy IV’s reincarnation for the DS will feature new episodes, allowing the player to delve more deeply into the storyline (sadly, no release date for this yet.) Tales of Innocence is scheduled for release in Japan on December 6th, but no US release date has been announced yet.

I love RPGs on the DS. I think they give me that feeling of playing older RPGs because of the graphical limitations, but also the quirk and fun of really good design and storytelling that seems so welcome on the DS. As much as I am against Square’s determination to release 90 billion new games a year, I really loved Dragon Quest 8 and am looking very forward to playing it on the DS. In fact, this whole announcement made me bounce around the house on an imaginary pogo stick.

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