Routine is a creepy-looking android adventure headed to PC and Xbox

routine summer game fest

I Did Not Murder Him… (I Totally Did Though)

During today’s Summer Game Fest..ivities, Lunar Software and Raw Fury gave us a new look at a creepy-looking sci-fi title, Routine, in which a first-person protagonist seemingly finds themselves under siege from a group of incredibly sinister — and clearly highly dangerous — androids. The game will be scored by the legendary musician Mick Gordon, of Doom and Killer Instinct fame.

The trailer begins with a montage of strange and abstract imagery before we cut to an unseen explorer picking their way through what appears to be a dilapidated subway system. It is a short-lived journey, however, as they soon find themselves in the hands of the futuristic, frightening bots. I’m not sure if that weird, box-shaped gun is going to get the job done against this Metal Mickey. Intriguing stuff.

Routine is currently in development for Xbox, PC, and Xbox Game Pass.

Chris Moyse
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