Rousing, patriotic Dead Rising 2 shaky cam footage

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First off, this footage of Dead Rising 2‘s single-player game play is over-the-shoulder cam footage. Sorry for that. That’s how they make us do it. So while you get to see Dead Rising 2 in action, you have to see some of Nick Chester’s shoulder and arm with it. That’s how it goes, though. Try it in HD for a better look.

But where else will you see game footage set to such a rousing, uplifting musical score? Nick and I had this discussion before about how a “Proud to be an American” underscore can make any video fitting and patriotic. I placed my hand over my heart while editing this video. 

Things too look for:

  • Casino level introduction
  • chainsaw action
  • paddle saw action is better
  • guitar bashing again
  • 3rd person shooter gunplay
  • swordplay, where bodies slice clean in half
  • machinegun wheelchair FTW

This footage came from last week’s debut of the game in Tokyo, Japan, where I was proud to be an American.

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