Roundup: The best PC deals for The Evil Within 2

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Tango Gameworks’ The Evil Within 2 went live last night and the fanfare is decidedly on the low-end of the spectrum. But thus far user reviews are 93% positive on Steam as the survival horror FPS sequel loads up across the web. Sales are a bit more timid in comparison as the Bethesda-published game has not displaced the recently released Middle-earth: Shadow of War.

If you’re a PC gamer looking to pick up the Steam copy of The Evil Within 2 during release week after chugging through various reviews, you’ll have a variety of options in deals – though discounts aren’t that significant now that the game is released.

The Evil Within 2 (PC/Steam Deals)

Update: New fresh deal has arrived for The Evil Within as WinGameStore tops all others at 47% off. Honestly, if you’re not a huge fan of the series we’d suggest checking back in 2-3 months as this game will likely hit 33% off before you know it – particularly on the console.

So far prices are similar across the board. You’re either looking at 19%-20% off, or you’re looking at 15%-16% off. In general everywhere else legitimate has The Evil Within 2 with a discount of about 15%, so GMG’s deal is only bigger because of a stacking site-wide code they are running, while comparatively, GamesPlanet has the best rate due to the current conversion advantage.

The download size is 25.5GB and when unpacked you’ll need about 40GB of hard drive space. If you’re someone who uses an SSD with limited space (or someone with a slow-ass Internet connection), take this into account before you spring for the game.

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