Roughly one third of Valve is now working on Vive projects

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Popping into a Reddit thread dealing with VR, Valve employee Alan Yates provided an update for the company, stating that while the Vive team was small at one point, “it has since grown to encompass about a third of the company, but the key individuals that solved most of the really hard technological problems and facilitated this generation of consumer headsets are still here working on the next generation.”

Like most developers he sings VR’s praises, explaining, “It is really exciting solving these very fundamental deeply-technical problems every day. VR is by far the most interesting and challenging field I have ever worked in. The team is very multidisciplinary, you never really do stuff that is officially in your wheelhouse, and that is fricking awesome!”

My theory is that Valve has been working on Half-Life 3 this entire time, but every time a new piece of tech comes around, it tries to shift to accommodate for it. I think whenever it does come out, it’ll support a killer VR experience (though they’ve said it will “not be a VR game” so who knows).

As for the VR war? I think Valve is poised to win it within one year. Oculus has a lot of killer apps and exclusives at the current moment, but if it doesn’t ease up it will eventually lose to Valve’s open-platform approach.

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