Rotastic release trailer looks rad

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Sometimes less is more, as with Rotastic, the new game from indie developer Dancing Dots. The entire control scheme is one button. That’s it; you use one button to grapple. In case you hadn’t noticed from the launch trailer, there is more to this than just swinging from point to point. If you are interested in Rotastic, you can pick it up on Xbox Live Arcade for 800 MSP, anyone who wants it on the PC or PlayStation 3 will have to wait until next year. Because Microsoft.

The simplicity of gameplay with the complexity of the levels found in Rotastic is something that makes me want to play it, and brings to mind games like N+, which are deceptively simple. A development team that can take a simple idea (swinging around with grapples) and evolve it into a game with almost 70 levels and multiple game types has potential. I hope to see more interesting games from Dancing Dots in the future.

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