Rose McGowan, Common, Moon Bloodgood lend voices to Terminator Salvation game

You know what’s hilarious? How many teams of people have thrown their names into the Terminator Salvation videogame hat. The list in full: Equity Games Production, Evolved Games, Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, and Halcyon Games. Oh, and GRIN’s developing it. 

So those guys — all of them at once, like a big publisher/developer choir — have announced some celebrity voice talent from Terminator Salvation. We’ve got Rose McGowan voicing Angie Salter. Then there’s Moon Bloodgood voicing Blair Williams. Finally, Common voices Barnes. Bloodgood and Common are reprising roles from the film, which hits theaters on May 22. Do I know these characters? Hell no. Not yet. 

But I do know this: Moon Bloodgood is a reasonably attractive woman. So why does it look like she just rolled out of bed for this promo video? Common (seen in the video after the jump) looks composed and cool, wearing a slick, expensive-looking leather jacket. So what’s up, Moon? Get a brush, girl.  

Nick Chester