Roombas modded to play a real game of Pac-Man

Roombas! They clean sh*t off your floor so you don’t have to you lazy bastards. Aside from cleaning, Roombas are very hackable and we’ve seen a lot of mods but nothing as good as this.*

A team of modders hacked five Roombas to create a game of Pac-Man. One of the Roombas is Pac-Man while the four others are Ghosts. The Ghost Roombas will hunt down Pac-Man and will run away if Pac-Man Roomba sucks up a power pellet. Watch the video for full details on how the mod was created.

*Roombas are also really good for love making when loose seals bite off your hand thus turning you into a half-man, half-robot monster.

[via Engadget]

Hamza Aziz