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Romantic visual novel First Bite getting Valentine’s Day DLC

Okay, brain. Don’t accidentally write “First Blood.”

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Vampires are pretty hot, but relationship options with them are limited. You know, because they’re fictional, which always gets in the way of good romance. However, First Bite is a visual novel that knows what we want: dates with vampires. This February 14th, we’re getting even more of that in First Bite: Bad Blood because if there’s one thing better than vampire dating, it’s more vampire dating. But there’s more than just one thing that’s better. Consider werewolf dating. Also, consider minotaur dating.

First Bite: Bad Blood picks up where the base game left off, serving as a sequel that again follows Noe, a freshly-chomped vampire who is adjusting to being a cold-blooded dead person. But I’m going to have to quote the developer directly on this one, because I’m not sure I can really put it better myself: “things aren’t quite as simple as you hoped when you’re being eased into vampire life by a murder-himbo obsessed with Eurodance, a narcissist with an online shopping addiction, and a wild card with a penchant for BDSM.” Sounds magma-hot.

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This time around, just to make things spicier, you’re going up against the most arousing force in the universe: bureaucracy. A missed email is all it takes to put your destiny in question, as the vampire council is a bit miffed about being snubbed. Wow, I can hardly contain the lust boiling atop that overwhelmingly erotic plot summary.

Sarcasm aside, First Bite is an LGBTQ+ friendly visual novel with a dark comedy approach. I’ve been going through a bit of a dry spell when it comes to my digital romances, so I might just have to sink my teeth into this one.

First Bite is available right now on Steam and, its DLC, First Bite: Bad Blood will hit Steam on February 14, 2023, and can be pre-purchased on for $4.99.

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