Roll up stars next-gen style with Beautiful Katamari (PS3/Xbox 360)

“Ball it up and roll it around, I love you, always smile for you! You’re my only Love Moon, so we’ve gotta hang in there!” – translated lyrics from Katamari Damacy theme, “Katamari on the Rocks”

Yeah, so I don’t know what the hell they’re talking about either. But who cares? Katamari Damacy was a breath of quirky and fun fresh air. Its follow ups, We Love Katamari and (the disasterous PSP title) Me & My Katamari left fans of the Prince and the King demanding more.

Good news! The rumors of a new Katamari game for next-gen consoles is coming true. Namco Bandai have revealed Beautiful Katamari for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. While these scans don’t show a huge visual difference, there is one big addition that is going to have fans rolling up their couch and cat in preparation: online play on both platforms.

Additionally, the game is said to have larger areas of play with little to no loading times. There is no announced release date, but the game is roughly 50% complete.

Our Japanese translating bear, Tanaka Blackfoot-san, is on vacation, but I’ve faxed him the images to gather some more intel. This post will be updated accordingly.

[Update: Thanks to a translation by our very own DMV, we can confirm that not only will the game have little to no loading times, but will be gigantic. 10,000 kilometers gigantic. Yowzers.]


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