Roguelike Mega Collection brings 700+ free games into one torrent

Who needs sleep?

Roguelikes can be huge games. With high difficulty, procedural generation, and plenty of RPG elements to sink your teeth into, you’re potentially looking at hundreds of hours of play out of just one title.

And then someone decided to compile 700 of them into one torrent. Thanks to reddit user foamed, a huge collection of them is available to download for free. All of the games here are totally legal to download, so don’t expect paid-for games such as Dungeons of Dredmor in there.

There are some well-known titles too: Caves of Qud, Angband, Roguelight, and Brogue are among the colossal list of games. Originally the pack included demos of games such as Midboss too, however these have been removed.

As always with huge batch torrents such as this, make sure you’re sure of what you’re downloading. The uploader of the torrent is a moderator on the popular subreddit /r/Games, and has been run through Antivirus scans by other users and has come up clean, but you can never be too careful.

But if you’re a roguelike fan, or someone wanting to explore some of the history behind the genre, this may well be worth a download.

Roguelike Mega Collection 2015. Over 700 free roguelikes bundled together in a torrent. [/r/Roguelikes]

Joe Parlock