Rogue Legacy is now on iOS and it’s only a dollar

New content including minibosses, traits, and rooms

Rogue Legacy is back to burn away even more of our free time with a new port to iOS. It’s out today for just $0.99, but the discounted price won’t last long it’s only good until Sunday, August 11. From that point on, the iPhone/iPad version will cost $3.99. I can already feel my self-control being tested.

You all know about Rogue Legacy by now, don’t you? It was the go-to roguelite action-platformer for years after its original 2013 release on PC. In fact, I feel like it only recently lost the crown to Dead Cells.

The basic idea is to explore an ever-shifting castle with a whole family tree of would-be heroes. When you die, it’s onto the next heir, but you can retain permanent skill unlocks to help you push forward.

Rogue Legacy could’ve come to mobile sooner, but Cell Door Games “felt that the control scheme just wouldn’t be any good” if the job was offloaded to another studio. It’s an understandable concern. Rogue Legacy: Wanderer Edition came about when a “trusted friend” recommended someone who wanted to make the port happen. In the end, Cellar Door was able “to be completely hands-on” with the project.

With that in mind, it makes sense why this isn’t a barebones mobile adaptation. The iOS version of Rogue Legacy has a rebalanced difficulty, “natural-feeling” touchscreen controls, a pair of new minibosses, three new traits and three new armor sets, 30 extra rooms that can pop up during your randomized castle runs, and New Game+ scaling that increases your maximum level with each round.

Rogue Legacy found its way to a bunch of platforms over the years, and part of me feels like I’ve had my fill. Given the new content and that impulse-worthy price point, though, I may need to reconsider.

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