Rogue Legacy 2’s family tree sprouts soon, coming to Early Access next month

$20 now, $30 later

Loving parents just want their children to have a better life than they had. The parents in Rogue Legacy 2 are good parents because they find ways to make life easier for their kids. They’re also bad parents for leaving the kids a castle full of monsters who will inevitably kill them. Life’s tough.

Rogue Legacy 2 developer Cellar Door opened up about some of the changes to the sequel. One of the major new features adds more metroidvania to the roguelike. Heirlooms are permanent unlocks that grant new abilities, and they “fundamentally change how you play.” Cellar Door also notes, however, that heirlooms are tough to find and to unlock.

There’s more new stuff with Rogue Legacy 2 including: Animations that use stepping techniques a la Dragon Ball FighterZ; a trait system that rewards more gold for more difficult modifiers; biomes that feel like completely unique regions rather than just more castle; at least 12 different class types; and more options for struggling players to make the game less punitive.

It’s all very much a work-in-progress which you can experience first-hand very soon. Rogue Legacy 2 is coming to Early Access on Steam and the Epic Game Store on July 23. Those who are conscious about their gold-spending habits may want to pay attention to the pricing. The Early Access release will cost $20. Half-way through Early Access (which is expected to run a full year but may go longer), the price ups to $25. When the final game launches, it’ll be $30. Also, it’s only on PC for now but new platforms will eventually be added.

Rogue Legacy 2 [Steam]

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