Rogue Legacy 2 dropped Vertigo from the traits list

Rogue Legacy 2 vertigo trait

No more upside-down antics as of update 1.01

Every death in Rogue Legacy 2 is a chance to pick out a new, hopefully incrementally better protagonist from a fresh lineup. Like in the original game, heirs have various backgrounds, class playstyles, and traits. Some traits, like Puritan — which “censors” enemies in a shroud of blurry pixels — and Nostalgic — which turns the screen all “old-timey” — aren’t too disruptive. You might tolerate them for a gold-earning bonus. But other traits can be too much to handle. I skip Vertigo in Rogue Legacy 2 for that exact reason.

Vertigo flips the screen upside down, and in a game with lots of split-second action-platforming decisions, it’s a lot to try and process. I wouldn’t say the effect makes me ill, but it’s uncomfortable, for sure. And now, as of update 1.01, it’s out. Cellar Door Games removed Vertigo from Rogue Legacy 2 after receiving “a bunch of reports of nausea.”

“While Vertigo was a cool blast from the past, it doesn’t really fit the sequel,” the developers said. It joins other now-retired traits like Tunnel Vision and Glaucoma.

As someone who would outright skip any character with Vertigo, no exceptions, I’ll have more options going forward. And I might even choose the Dragon Lancer more often, too.

The Dragon Lancer class got some extra love

In update 1.01, the developers reworked the Dragon Lancer class since it, “in particular,” was “being left by the wayside” by players. The cool-looking class lets you joust mid-air, but it’s tricky to find the right rhythm compared to most other Rogue Legacy 2 classes.

Rogue Legacy 2 Dragon Lancer
The Dragon Lancer got a “minor” redesign in update 1.01.

With the Dragon Lancer’s redesign, “Tap Attack now acts more as a reposition, forcing enemies back, so that you can do Dash attacks more often. Bastion has been buffed, and is now a ‘go crazy mode ability.’ Activate it, block everything, and wail on your foes.”

In this economy…

If you’ve hit some rough patches with your rate of unlocks in Rogue Legacy 2, update 1.01 changed the economy — “basically, a bunch of stuff is now cheaper.” A few highlights:

  • Ore Update (Buff) — Ore scaling increased (speed at which ore drops go up as room level raises).
  • Skill Tree Update (Buff) — Lowering the cost of all of the “base stat” skills to help speed up the early, mid, and late game for players (NG0, NG1-4, NG5+), and to also reduce the punishment for players who like to spread out early.
  • Living Safe Changes (Buff) — Living safe is our way of helping new players if they’re struggling to collect large amounts of gold in a single run. We’re reducing the cost significantly so that people will be more willing to invest points into it and can reap the benefits earlier on.

Cellar Door also did some more work to make the game “even more responsive than before” with a “comprehensive anti-joystick flick system.” Some players had reported an issue with “turning direction when the controller joystick snaps back.”

It’s nice to see an awesome game get even better. I didn’t think that class changes were still on the table, so that’s a pleasant surprise. And better progression pacing? Yes, please!

I’m on New Game+3 and it’s getting sweaty.

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