Rogue Legacy 2 is slipping a few weeks to August 18

You only get one first impression, even in Early Access

Cellar Door Games is taking a few extra weeks to launch Rogue Legacy 2 on Steam and the Epic Games Store due to “a few development setbacks.” The revised Early Access release date? August 18, 2020.

They need time to “get the game into a state that we’re truly ready to show,” according to Ryan Lee.

It feels like we only just heard about the sequel’s existence, to the point where I hadn’t fully processed how close it was, and we’ve already waited this long for Rogue Legacy 2, so what’s the rush?

With the way July is going so far – packed, to say the least – I’ll consider this delay a blessing on all fronts. That said, I’m ready to fall deep into another roguelite trance. I’ll wipe my schedule clean!

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