How to find Rogue Legacy 2’s eggplant people

Rogue Legacy 2 hidden eggplant people

They’re super out of the way

You can go through hundreds of runs in Rogue Legacy 2 without ever spotting an eggplant person. But just know that they’re out there hiding, off-screen, waiting to be discovered.

What do they do? Well, they look cute. They liven up the place! Do you strictly need them? Not unless you’re a completionist looking to befriend every NPC in Rogue Legacy 2.

After hearing about these silly hidden characters, I knew I had to find them and bring them back to my home base — you know, just for the heck of it. You might want to, too. Thanks to a video demonstration by YouTube user Teelore, I was able to reach all four eggplants, and given how obscure their locations are, a guide is definitely recommended.

As shown in the video, there are four hidden sentient eggplants to find — and interact with — to bring them to your base with the rest of the NPCs. You’ll preferably want to have teleporters to the Sun Tower and Kerguelen Plateau unlocked to shorten the trip(s).

To make things easier, it’s best to turn on House Rules in the pause menu — specifically, toggle the ability to fly (which, on a controller, is done by clicking in the right stick by default). The eggplants are high up, and while it’s technically possible to reach them with certain classes like the Astromancer, who can fly with its Comet ability, it’s not ideal.

The four eggplant locations in Rogue Legacy 2

One eggplant is in the tutorial of all places (which you can replay on New Game+).

Rogue Legacy 2 eggplant location in the tutorial
At the start of the tutorial, fly straight up and look in the left-hand corner of the screen.

Another is at the end of the red teleporter challenge rooms that appear randomly.

Rogue Legacy 2 eggplant location in the challenge arena
After finishing a challenge room, fly up above the treasure chest prize.

There’s an eggplant up high in the snowy Kerguelen Plateau biome.

Rogue Legacy 2 eggplant location in the snow biome
In the snow biome’s recurring room with water, look for a rock and fly up, then smack the off-screen eggplant.

And one more is at the top of the Sun Tower.

Rogue Legacy 2 eggplant location in the Sun Tower
From the Sun Tower boss entrance, fly up and left.

The tutorial secret is absurdly easy to miss, and given the nature of randomized room layouts, it can take a while to find a challenge arena, too. So, if you care to find Easter Eggplant, Easter English Breakfast, Easter Ham ‘N Eggplant, and Easter Omeletteplant, you’ll need to keep an eye out and grind the good Rogue Legacy 2 grind like normal.

Once you interact with the eggplants, you’ll find them back home, under the Soul Shop.

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