Rogue Legacy 2 got a huge content boost with the Far Shores update

Biomes, bosses, classes, and reworks will add more longevity

If you burned through Rogue Legacy 2‘s Early Access launch-day content and are looking for an excuse to jump back in, first of all, same. Secondly, today’s the day. The beefy Far Shores update is here.

There are two biomes to hit up (Axis Mundi and the Kerguelen Plains), three classes to learn (the Valkyrie, Duelist, and the Chef), and old classes to rediscover (now that the talent system has been reworked to be less reliant on mana and there are stat incentives for “mastering” each archetype).

As Cellar Door Games puts it, “We heard you loud and clear about the lack of substance when the game first released in Early Access, so we scrapped our best-laid plans and decided to go all-out.”

I sympathize with anyone who wants to hold off until Rogue Legacy 2 is in the 1.0 home stretch, but if you’re even remotely on the fence, this content update is a huge step in the right direction.

It’s already immensely fun. It just needs to keep going.

Rogue Legacy 2 – Patch v0.2.0 – The Far Shores Update [Steam]

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