Rocksteady talks about the ‘Making of’ Batman Arkham Asylum

A new developer diary for Batman Arkham Asylum is available below the fold. It’s a “making of” video that touches on the game’s narrative and environmental design, as well as motion-capture and Rocksteady Studios’ desire to create a solid Batman title (for the first time, ever). The last bit is the sticking point. Game director and studio co-founder Sefton Hill describes, in the video, what it feels like to attempt to create a great Batman title:

“Rocksteady is taking on that challenge [of creating a great Batman game],” Hill says. “It’s half exciting and half terrifying. You know, the burden’s out there that the world wants a great Batman game. And to be honest, we all want a great Batman game. So that’s the inspiration as well for us. He’s such a cultural icon; he deserves a game to match.”

Indeed he does. If Arkham Asylum turns out great, we suggest Rocksteady moves on to Captain America. Now that’s a hero that needs a solid game. Make it happen.

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