Rocksteady offers bad temporary ‘fix’ for Batman: Arkham Knight PC woes

Um, okay

After all of the high-steppin’ with its “better on Nvidia” ads, you’d think that some extra care would have been given to Batman: Arkham Knight‘s PC port, right? Well, like Mortal Kombat X, Warner Bros can’t seem to launch a stable PC game these days.

After many users reported launch issues, Rocksteady has responded on their official forums. Evidently, they want you to turn down your settings so the highly advertised Nvidia GameWorks features are off, so the game runs on “low” for minimum specs and “medium” on recommended specs. This suggestion will cap the game at 30 FPS on PC for both specs. Fans suspect that this isn’t a proper PC port, and is a watered-down PS4 version.

This is after said minimum specifications were changed overnight, while many people had already pre-ordered the game on PC. Thank goodness for Steam’s updated refund policy I guess.

Update on PC Performance [WB Forums]

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