Rockstar’s Agent and Max Payne 3 still exist, honest

Today on a Take-Two investor conference call, it was confirmed that Rockstar is still hard at work on two titles, Max Payne 3 and the all-but-forgotten Agent. No further status updates or any sort of release window was given for either game, merely a reminder that they’re coming so we don’t think that Rockstar doesn’t care about us.

I figured Max Payne 3 was a given, but we haven’t heard hide-nor-hair of the PS3-exclusive Agent in almost two years and the last news we did get revealed it was planned for a 2010 release. Clearly, that didn’t happen. But with Rockstar not being present at this year’s E3, the wait for further information on these titles is going to likely continue for some time.

Max Payne 3 and Agent ‘still in development’ [Joystiq]

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