Rockstar to put difficulty levels in Red Dead Redemption

News flash: Red Dead Redemption will have difficulty levels. Some, according to developer Rockstar Games, will be easier than others. Some will be harder than the easier ones. One would assume that a “medium” difficulty sits in the middle, being neither too easy nor too hard.

OK, OK, we’ll drop the act because the subject of difficulty levels is actually an interesting one in regards to Red Dead Redemption. In a “Asked & Answered” post on the game’s official website, Rockstar revealed what each difficulty level in the game will give players because at the end of the day, Rockstar “[wants] players of all skill levels to enjoy Red Dead Redemption.”

In a nutshell, each of the three difficulties in the game will have appropriate aids in the aiming mechanics. Casual “gives you a full auto-aim system,” as well as “faster” regenerating health.  Normal “features snap-to-target” precision that can be guided by the right-stick, which we imagine is something close to what the latest Call of Juarez provided players. Expert level, of course, will feature zero lock-on.

We’ve grown accustomed to playing open-world action games on casual difficulty just because of the nature of the beast. What mode will you guys try?

Red Dead Redemption adds ‘Casual’ and ‘Expert’ difficulties [Joystiq]

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