Rockstar teases what might be Red Dead Redemption follow-up

Timely, with Westworld just premiering

[Update: The saga continues. They’ve just tweeted out another hint that looks like an obvious nod towards a new Red Dead game. The reveal of multiple cast members could lead to a GTA V-like character switching system.]

Rockstar got a lot of traction this weekend for a simple tweet — their logo (which I still confuse for the Rockstar energy drink joint), with a red background on it.

Naturally people are jumping on the “it’s a new Red Dead Redemption!” (which is technically Red Dead 3, or maybe Red Dead Redemption 2) train, and why wouldn’t they? The publisher just released the original on both Xbox One via backward compatibility and the PS4, so it stands to reason that these past few months have been building up hype for a potential follow-up.

Since it’s Rockstar they’ve probably been taking their sweet old time, but I would expect to hear something about their next project in the near future since they’re still coasting on the fumes of GTA Online.

Rockstar Games [Twitter]

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