Rockstar Table Tennis:
Simply Perfect or Just Plain Simple?

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Before I review this game, let me just say that I was going to purchase this game the moment I read of it’s existence. Not because I’m a Rockstar fanboy (I’m not the biggest fan of the GTA series), but because the first article I read had an interview. In this interview, I read the reason behind Rockstar making the game after a slew of games involving sex, drugs and rock ‘n roll. Rockstar wanted to use the simplest idea and using the best technology out there (XBOX 306 :P).

First off, the game is beautiful. I played through a full tournament and had not one skip or hiccup in the gameplay. The photorealism was ridiculously amazing and movements were realistic to no end. Much like Fight Night Round 3, yes, I’m comparing the two, if you were passing by the (HD)TV glancing for a moment, you’d think you were watching a real match. Graphics – 10/10

Next, we come to sound. I have Surround Sound hooked up and while I couldn’t find a setting for it in the game, the sound helped the immersion of the experience. I’ve never watched an official table tennis match, but the announcer made me feel that he was saying what would be said had I seen it on ESPN 8: The Ocho! (Bonus pts. for guessing that last reference) Sound – 9/10

Gameplay is the real meat of any game. For pick up and play gamers, this is the Bacon Ultimate Cheeseburger. For someone expecting multiple hours of gameplay at a time, this is the Gardenburger. Beyond easily unlockable outfits and competitiors, there is little depth here. RGP:TT is made for the casual player or those groups of gamers that get together and play obscure and/or party games. There is a slo-mo function that automatically slows the gameplay down for added effect and time to prepare for really big hits that you have little or no chance of returning. At first I was upset about it, but after getting used to the controls, I realize the genius in it. It makes the game more playable and actually got me excited at times. Gameplay – 8/10

When I give an overall score, it is a score based on the game compared to others in it’s category. Again, like Fight Night Round 3, there are no competitors in it’s category. The closest comparison could be the existing tennis games, but even then, that’s not a fair comparison since there are big differences. All I can rate this game on, is my expectations. The game did not exceed my expectations and even fell a little short. These days I expect to create my own player. Even without character creation, the game stands strong and proves that a simple idea can make you feel like a Rockstar. Overall – 8.5/10

The extra half point was the cost drop compared to games that are just as enjoyable on the 360.