Rockstar shows off just how great Red Dead Redemption 2 looks on PC

How many people have written it as ‘Read Dead Redemption?’ Can we get a LeVar Burton spinoff?

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Well, it’s been about a year, and now PC fans can enjoy Red Dead Redemption 2. After this weekend that is!

Due on November 5, the PC edition sports enhanced visuals and a few minor extra bits of content, and will boast a 4K/60FPS upgrade. To wit, the new launch trailer is also 4K/60FPS, so you can get a general idea of what the game is going to look like below.

Clocking in at roughly 50 hours, replaying all of Red Dead 2 is a tall order having just finished it in the past year. Although: I can’t resist giving the PC version a shot and seeing just how good it looks, and you know the modding community is going to go all-out.

Plus, the PC version of Red Dead Online is likely going to be the smoothest going forward, as Rockstar inevitably focuses on next-gen ports at some point just like they did with GTA V. Any time invested on PC is relatively safe!

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