Rockstar shares details for Red Dead Online’s first major economy update

Gold/cash increased all around

Earlier this week Rockstar noted that the Red Dead Online‘s economy “wasn’t right,” after an outcry of fans denounced its extreme efforts of over-monetization. Well today the studio is pushing out the first biggest patch for RDO (still in beta) that mostly deals with said economy.

Rockstar says this is the first step to create a “more balanced, fun and rewarding overall experience across all modes and missions.” The gist is that cash/gold payments have been increased across basically everything, most notably free roam missions and mission replays. “Most” weapons have been reduced in price as well, and if you already bought the overpriced irons you’ll get the difference by way of an alert message that will appear “through December 10.” Pelts, skins and fish have also been re-balanced.

Rockstar vows that this is the first of many patches not only for balance but as far as content in general goes. If you already played RDO at all or play through midnight PST tonight you’ll net RDO$250 and 15 Gold Bars for your trouble which will arrive “by December 14.”

Yep this is a decent start but there’s more to go.

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