Rockstar officially appeals the Manhunt 2 banning

It’s been a while since we ran anything on this matter, but news has now surfaced that Rockstar Games made an official plea with the Video Appeals Committee, hoping to overturn the BBFC’s banning of Manhunt 2 in Britain. As you all know by now, Manhunt 2 went unrated in the UK, singled out for its violent overtones. Many agreed it was unfair and now Rockstar wishes to confirm it by seeing the title hit British shelves in spite of the BBFC’s wishes.

If Rockstar’s appeal succeeds with the VAC, the game will finally be made legal to purchase, meaning we can decide for ourselves whether or not we’re emotionally mature enough to handle the brutality of this controversial game. I would personally like to wish Rockstar Games the best of luck with its appeal — not because I really care to play a sequel to a game I didn’t like, but because it will be a victory for videogames as a legitimate entertainment medium, and for adults as responsible consumers who are able to discern what they can and cannot buy.

The hearing’s official date is yet to be announced, but we shall keep you posted.

Jim Sterling