Rocket League’s Supersonic Fury DLC is cooler than I expected

Love that new pearlescent paint finish

Rocket League just released two DLC packs: Utopia Coliseum is a new arena to play in and is available for free while Supersonic Fury contains a host of new car customization options and runs about four bucks.

The two new cars in Supersonic Fury are the American muscle car Dominus and the Japanese street racer Takumi. They remind me most of a Dodge Charger and a Toyota Supra, respectively (forgive me if this is way off base; I’m not a car person). Of course, given Rocket League‘s symmetrical sports nature, the new cars handle the same as all of the existing vehicles. Everything in Supersonic Fury is purely cosmetic.

That said, the new stuff is all very cool. The new wheels are the Spinners, which are constantly rotating even while the battle car is stationary, and the Cristianos, which resemble a wire outline of a soccer ball. The new boost animations are Nitrous, adding another flame exhaust to the repertoire, and Burnout, kicking up a ton of smoke.

A lot of work went into the paint jobs. Both the Dominus and the Takumi come with six decals, most of them unique to the individual vehicles. Notable decals include a rad set of scorpions on the Dominus and some kawaii text and kitties for the Takumi.

My favorite new addition are the different paint finishes. Carbon Fiber goes well for the street racer vibe of the Takumi and the Wood finish fits the classic feel of the Dominus, but by far the most visually striking finish is the Pearlescent, which has a sheen to it that changes depending on the secondary color chosen. I almost want to run with no decals, having only an ethereal blue glow.

Supersonic Fury also comes with a handful of new Trophies to pick up. None of them sound too difficult to obtain; most simply involve playing games while using the new customization options. One does require going through a season, so Trophy hunters will have to take a break from the main draw of online play to grab that one.

All in all, I’m pretty pleased with the Supersonic Fury DLC. Aside from new Trophies it doesn’t add any actual gameplay, so it could very easily be skipped, but for people like me who got the base game for free on PlayStation Plus, it feels more like giving a small tip to Psyonix for making such a great game. It is certainly not necessary, but it is cool nonetheless.

[These impressions are based on a retail build of the content provided by the publisher.]

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