Rocket League’s incoming Neo Tokyo update is the big one

A new map, item trade-ins, and a post-game spotlight

Psyonix is cooking up a substantial update for Rocket League launching June 20, 2016.

There’s going to be a new(ish) multi-tiered map, Neo Tokyo, which has been streamlined and touched-up from its original appearance as Underpass in the “Rocket Labs” testing grounds.

You’ll also be able to trade-in duplicate cosmetic items for rarer gear, get started in Season 3, and have more ready-made quick-chat options at your disposal. Best of all, the update is introducing a post-game spotlight where the winning team can “jump, spin, and boost their car to show off their accomplishments.” Sweet, stupid glory. Every competitive game should have something like this.

I’m just getting started on my second coffee of the day, and now I’m thinking I could have held off. This trailer woke me the hell up with that remix. Friendly reminder: Rocket League is free to play on Xbox One this weekend — you don’t even need an Xbox Live Gold membership.

Neo Tokyo [Rocket League]

Jordan Devore
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