Rocket League players hated dragons, so Psyonix made alternate season rewards

Dragon Shouts work

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At the end of every competitive season in Rocket League, players are given an in-game reward tied to their performance. In the past, it has been a cosmetic car item that gets gaudier as the ranks get higher. For example, look at the season 3 rewards. The Prospect wheels are modest and boring when compared to the glitzy Champion wheels:

Psyonix is changing its approach for the end of season 5. When we talked with creative director Corey Davis earlier this month, he explained that rewards sometimes put players in a weird place where they had to choose between showing off their rank and using items that they find more aesthetically pleasing. What if a Champion lucked into a pair of white Zombas (currently the most sought-after wheels in the game)? They’re probably ditching the Champion wheels.

The solution Psyonix came up with is to offer season rewards that serve a more tangential purpose to what’s happening on the field. When season 5 ends, players will receive a banner that’s on screen every time they score a goal. This pays tribute to their hard-earned rank while still maintaining creative freedom with respect to the way their car looks. Everybody wins. Here’s what they look like:

Actually, not everybody wins. The Rocket League subreddit was filled with people who hate the dragons. Like, they really don’t want dragons. They dislike the dragons enough that Psyonix is going to offer a bonus season reward. Here are the supplementary dragon-less banners:

Like a knight in shining armor, Rocket League players have slayed the dragon. They didn’t use a sword and shield, but rather reddit complaints. Joke’s on them, though; it’s Psyonix, not the dragon, who’s sitting atop a pile of gold.

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