Rocket League is getting some Hot Wheels DLC

Totally radical!

We already reported on the Rocket League themed Hot Wheels cars, but it looks like that product merger will be going in reverse, as well. Coming on February 21, you’ll be able to buy Hot Wheels themed cars for use in Rocket League. The ‘Twin Mill III’ and ‘Bone Shaker’ cars will be available with exclusive wheels and stickers for $1.99 USD.

For those who don’t want to shell out for some new cars, a free DLC pack will also be coming to the game with Hot Wheels themed items. These will include an antenna, a topper, a treasure flag, and a ‘Shark Bite’ topper. What a way to bring back the ’90s!

I’m usually against product placement in games, feeling it is super tacky, but Hot Wheels and Rocket League seems like a very natural pairing. The game has a fun-for-all-ages type charm and Hot Wheels were huge for me as a kid, so I could definitely see this working in favor of the game. If nothing else, it will give aging millennials like me a chance to reminisce about our youth.

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